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Certificat d'eficiŔncia energŔtica d'edificis / part de l'edifici

Step 2. Fill in, validate and save the form

Step 2.1 Fill in the form

Fill in the form following the instructions it contains.

If you have to attach documents, make sure they are filled in and attach them in this step.

If you have to stop for any reason, you can save the form on your computer and finish filling it in later.

Step 2.2 Validate, sign and save

The form is only valid if you have filled in all the required information correctly and have attached any necessary documents.

If you need to modify it once validated, unlock it with the "Unlock" button.

Some forms require a digital signature on the document itself. To sign them, click on the signature space and select the corresponding digital certificate.

Save the completed and validated form on your computer.

Step 3. Send for processing

Step 3.1 Select and send

*This may take a few seconds

Step 3.2 Confirmation of receipt

When the form has been registered, a page will be displayed with details of the procedure and an acknowledgment of receipt that you should print or save.

It is important to print or save the acknowledgment of receipt as it contains the following information:

- Record of admission: date on which the administrative procedure began.

- Identifier of the procedure: allows you to track changes in the status of the procedure, supply pending documentation and make payments.

- Fees: in some cases, the form needed for payment of any fees is issued with the acknowledgment of receipt.
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