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Certificat d'eficiŔncia energŔtica d'edificis / part de l'edifici

Step 2. Fill in, validate and save the form

Step 2.1 Fill in the form

- Complete the form following the instructions it contains.

- If you need to attach documents, attach them already completed in this step.

- If for some reason you stop, you can save the application to your computer and finish filling it in later.

Step 2.2 Validate, sign and save

- The form is only validated if you have filled in all the necessary details correctly and if you have attached the required documents.

- If you need to change it once it has been validated, you can unblock it using the "Unblock" button.

- Some forms require a digital signature. To sign these forms, click on the signature space and select the appropriate digital certificate.

- Save the completed and validated form to computer.

Step 3. Send for processing

Step 3.1 Select and send

*This may take a few seconds

Step 3.2 Confirmation of reception

When your form has been registered, you will see a page showing details of the procedure and a document confirming receipt, which you should print or save.

It is important to do this, as the document contains:

- A record of the date when this administrative procedure was initiated .

- An identifier which will enable you to track progress with the procedure.

- In some cases, a letter of payment is attached, when taxes are payable in respect of the procedure.
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