Sol·licitud d'inscripció al Registre de grups d'interès / Esmenes a la inscripció

Step 2.1 Fill in the form

  • Complete the form following the instructions it contains.
  • If you need to attach documents, they must be completed and then attached at this stage.
  • If you have to stop, you can save the form on your computer and continue later.

Step 2.2 Validate, sign and save

  • The form will only be validated if all required details are correctly entered and any necessary documents are attached.
  • If you have to make any changes once the form has been validated, you can unblock it by clicking on "Unblock".
  • Some forms require a digital signature. If this is the case, click on the signature space and select the relevant digital certificate.
  • Save the form completed and validated in your computer.

Step 3.1 Select and send

  • Locate the validated form you have saved on your computer.

    (This may take a few seconds)

Step 3.2 Confirmation of reception

When your form has been registered, you will see a page showing details of the procedure and a document confirming receipt, which you should print or save.

It is important to do this, as the document contains:

  • A record of the date when this administrative procedure was initiated.
  • An identifier which will enable you to track progress with the procedure.
  • In some cases, a letter of payment is attached, when taxes are payable in respect of the procedure.